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Food Truck Feature: The Whoo(pie) Wagon

Food Truck Feature: The Whoo(pie) Wagon

Boy do we have something great in store for you today…

Today, we are featuring an absolutely scrumptious truck that is gracing us with their presence at the fair in September!

The New England Food Truck Festival presents…*drumroll*

whoopie wagon

The Whoo(pie) Wagon!

That’s right, folks, Mary and Chris are heading over to Mohegan Sun from Topsfield, MA to bring the Whoopie Pies of your dreams! These Whoopie Pies are baked with fresh ingredients daily and just wait until you hear what they have to offer…

Though their Pumpkin Whoo(pie) is probably one of their most famous, one cannot forget about the decadent S’More – that’s chocolate filled with SECRET marshmallow filling, then dipped in dark chocolate and smothered in graham crumbs, friends! Their Red Velvet and chocolate chip also sound delicious but that isn’t all they have to offer! The one we can’t wait for it is the…wait for it…The Whannoli! YES. YOUR EYES DO NOT DECEIVE, THAT IS A WHOO(PIE) PIE-CANNOLI HYBRID! Move aside, cronut, the Whannoli is here, and it is everything one hoped it would be and more. We can’t WAIT for the festival in July, but I also cannot be held accountable if anyone tries to get in the way of me and my Whannoli that weekend.


*angels sing*

Pro tip for you, my friends: if you head over to their website, you can even order Whoo(pie) Pies TO BE MAILED RIGHT TO YOUR FRONT DOOR! Not to mention a pretty sweet t-shirt that features the saying “Got Whoo(pie)?” I can barely begin to tell you how happy this makes me. For those of you trying not to get ahead of yourself, just buckle up and wait until September 3 & 4, because The Whoo(pie) Wagon is bringing their A-game and we can’t wait!

The Whoo(pie) Wagon also has a Twitter and Facebook page, so be sure to check them out!


August 19th, 2016

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