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Food Truck Feature: Tony’s Orangeside Donuts

Food Truck Feature: Tony’s Orangeside Donuts


“Happiness Squared”

Orangeside has an excellent backstory! While it started as a small Bistro style restaurant, the place gradually realized a need for delicious desserts! Tony and his wife Michelle decided to tackle this adventure head on, but when they purchased their equipment they accidentally forgot to purchase the traditional round donut cutters! Thus the now famous, “Square Donut” was born! What makes these square donuts even more special is that they are far larger than so called “regular” donuts, not to mention that they are cut fresh and hand rolled in the deep original flour which makes them incredibly flavorful!

It’s no question that those at Tony’s know what they are doing. They have been reviewed, honored and have received awards! New York Magazine Grub Hub Section listed them under their “Best Donut Shops!”

The flavors of these delectable donuts range from your regular glazed or Boston Creme to Snickers, and Almond Butter Crunch. There are additional flavors that rotate daily and rumor has it some of those may or may not include Nutella frosted or Blueberry Dutchcrumb!

To find out more, head over to their websiteFacebook Page or Twitter! See you on September 3 & 4!


August 22nd, 2016

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