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Food Truck Feature: Zinneken’s Waffles and Shuckin’ Truck

Zinneken’s Waffles


Zinneken’s has a really great backstory! To sum up, Nhon Ma and Bertrand Lepkowicz bonded while feasting on Belgian waffles after attending classes while in Brussels. Fast forward to their trip to the U.S. in which they found that we don’t really have what they’d call authentic Belgian waffles! They decided to tackle this problem head on, and invited their friend Anh-Phi Tran to partake in this endeavor, deciding to start up a business that would cater to Belgian waffle lovers everywhere. Or, more specifically, to the streets of Boston! Thus the Zinneken’s truck was born!

You’re probably wondering about the waffles, right? Well here’s the deal…


First, you get to choose your waffle, yep they have options! You can go with the Liege Waffle – which is a soft and chewy option, made from a dough with caramelized Belgian pearl sugar OR the light and crispy option – made from a delicate batter! Then add on those toppings…for those berry lovers, there is the Berries Insanity made with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries! However, the waffle concoction that I am coveting is definitely “The Zinneken’s” which is whipped cream, Belgian chocolate and speculoos!! CAN. NOT. WAIT.

Zinneken’s has so much deliciousness to offer, and we can’t wait for them to share it all with you at the New England Food Truck Festival at Mohegan Sun on September 2 & 3! In the meantime, check out their website (and menu!!), Facebook and Twitter!

Shuckin’ Truck

shuckin truck

When you think of New England, what food comes to mind? That’s right, SEAFOOD!! Shuckin’ Truck is bringing you fresh, local seafood straight to The New England Food Truck Festival on September 2 & 3!

One of our most popular trucks from the past few years, this truck offers a raw bar with salt pond oysters!


Looking for some Grilled Fish Tacos? Or a Sea Scallop Roll? Well, look no further because they are coming your way. The Royal Highness of seafood delectables though, has to be The Lobster Roll! That’s right, folks, using an old recipe that includes fresh lobster meat, with a hint of celery, onion and mayo, the Shuckin’ Truck gives you their own lobster salad on one of their delicious grilled buttery rolls with a small bed of lettuce. My mouth is already watering!


Look at that lobstah!

We know it is hard to wait for September, so to hold you over, why don’t you check out Shuckin’ Truck’s website or Facebook!


August 17th, 2017

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